Ribbon OTC in Cloud Token Wallet 2.0

Ribbon OTC in Cloud Token Wallet 2.0

Since the emergence of cryptocurrency in 2008, the popularity of digital assets as a medium of exchange across the globe has grown dramatically. The increase in trading volumes worldwide calls for the urgent need to easily exchange between different currencies.

Identifying the need in the cryptocurrency exchange segment, Cloud 2.0 Wallet is proud to introduce a new and exciting feature: Ribbons OTC (Over-The-Counter). Ribbons OTC is equipped with one of the most liquid order books in the market to facilitate quick and simple exchanges between different cryptocurrencies. All exchanges can be executed right from the app,  eliminating tedious transaction processes required by typical cryptocurrency exchanges. With this exchange feature within the app, converting profits is made simpler as users can exchange according to their needs anytime, anywhere.

How Does It Work?

The “CTOX Convert” function featured on the app allows in-app conversion of various digital assets into CTOX, the native ERC20/777 coin of Cloud 2.0 Wallet. Upon accessing the function, users will be directed to the Ribbons OTC website via the in-app browser which requires a simple account activation process. After the account login, users will be greeted by an array of cryptocurrency wallets. The user-friendly and intuitive interface helps users easily navigate their way to convert CTOX into the preferred currency.

Exchanging cryptocurrencies on Ribbons OTC is generally simple, but what if someone is looking for a more advanced and flexible option? In regards to this, the platform allows currencies other than CTOX to be converted through the same process as well. This can be done by simply selecting the currency and the coin to be exchanged into, and from there, select the “swap” function to instantly execute the exchange. Each transaction performed will be recorded under the “Transactions” tab. To keep users posted, the system will also send an email or SMS to confirm the transaction. Once the currencies have been successfully converted, users can proceed to transfer the coins to any third-party wallet of their choice. Users can have peace of mind as their assets are under constant, real-time monitoring for suspicious activity. The “Transactions” tab allows users to track the status of all their operations.

From the beginning of the selection towards the notification of transaction completion, this well-thought-out process comprises crucial measures to assure users of the safety of their assets. At Cloud 2.0 Wallet, safeguarding users’ funds and privacy is the primary objective. A number of sophisticated measures to establish top-line security have been built by a team of experts, such as by incorporating Two Factor authentication (2FA) with Google Authenticator, offering financial stability through maximum safety of the account.

Simple Interface, Powerful Functions

Ribbons OTC is fast, intuitive and highly functional. This is demonstrated through the minimal yet easy-to-navigate interface. All available currencies are labeled with USD prices and displayed on the homepage so users can have a clear view upon visiting the platform. Ribbons OTC makes it easy to keep watch of the crypto market and trade on appropriate timings. Users can observe and analyze all currencies through the convenient touch-graph displaying the price fluctuation of the selected coin over the last seven days.

Swap the coins with just a push of a button and keep track of all transaction status at a glance.

Easily browse wallet balances, coin distributions and transfer records all from a single page.

The convenient circular graph displays the different digital assets owned by users. The type of coin along with the amount will appear upon pressing on each section.

Chat Feature

Recognizing the possibility of certain users being confused or having queries regarding the exchanges, a Chat function has been integrated within the platform, enabling effective communication between buyers and sellers who are conducting private trades via OTC.

The introduction of Ribbons OTC to the Cloud 2.0 Wallet ecosystem signifies a greater milestone achieved under the guidance of the mastermind behind the platform, Ronald Aai. The ease of access, excellent service, and rigorous security are a few of the reasons why anyone and everyone should take their crypto journey to the next level with Cloud 2.0 Wallet. No matter an advanced trader or a crypto-novice, Ribbons OTC empowers users to shape their own financial course.

Who is Ronald Aai?

Ronald Aai has been a serial entrepreneur in the technology field for twenty-five years. In the early days of his career, Ronald has successfully built several online businesses and generated new technologies for social media, payments, mobile wallets, mobile phones, telecommunications systems, games, and blockchain technologies.

Born in the year of 1977 in Malaysia, Ronald Aai was exposed to programming under the influence of his father when he was 5 years old. He has since then developed a deep passion for the internet. At just the age of 15, he was invited to write the first version of antivirus software for DOS. At 19, Ronald Aai developed an online social networking system in just 6 months which quickly reached 350,000 members. This system was subsequently sold to a well-known Malaysian company, which gained Ronald a reputation in the Malaysian programming world.

His skills and achievement continued to grow his career. Ronald was hired by a technical agency cooperating with the Malaysian Ministry of Defense (MINDEF) to develop an enterprise resource planning system (ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning) based on UNSPSC (The United Nations Standard Products and Services Code). Amidst handling major projects, Ronald managed a huge team in developing Material Requirements Planning (MRP) at Perodua, Malaysia’s largest car manufacturer.

At the beginning of the 21st century, Ronald’s in-depth knowledge and expertise of mobile devices led him to international opportunities in Argentina and South Korea as well as to the best software engineers at Samsung, Sewon, and LG. From there, he quickly familiarized himself with internal research even before the smartphone was launched to the official market.

A few years later, he worked with Danish engineers on the development of chipsets for Skyworks, Sagem, and Wavecom. Later in 2003, he became the Director of Technology responsible for the software and hardware design for a large mobile phone manufacturer in Shenzhen, China, and introduced more than 20 templates in one year for major cell phone manufacturers such as Sony and Motorola.

All the above mentioned was just the beginning of Ronald’s success. In 2004, he established his very own smartphone and software-producing business, Maxitech. The company was well recognized for its exceptional achievements in the technological field and won various awards across the United States and Asia. Maxitech successfully attracted over 50 million users of the virtual gaming console platform, which was eventually acquired by Corous360 Pte Ltd based in Singapore.

In the year 2017 in Singapore, Ronald and his team created a mobile technology-focused company, Bit Beta Pte Ltd. The Bit Beta system is a revolutionary technology based on the fourth-generation blockchain which is shared by all network participants. It is the only ultra-fast blockchain network in the world for mobile devices (smartphones, IoT devices, etc.). Since 2019, Ronald Aai has been fully engaged in the Cloud 2.0 project, focusing on bringing the breakthrough platform to the forefront of the technological and economic world.


It is developed using the latest 4.0 blockchain platform technology, capable of performing cross-chain encryption exchange and payment from the famous encryption market AI arbitrage engine for manufacturers, e-commerce and other product.

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