Is Cloud Token Ponzi Scheme or a good wallet to invest?

Is Cloud Token Ponzi Scheme or a good wallet to invest?

The popularity of crypto wallets is on the rise, and so are the doubts about them being legit or scam.

It is true that several Ponzi schemes have resulted in heavy losses to the investors. These fraudulent schemes have crushed the investor’s faith in this blockchain-backed technology.

However, this shall not prompt investors to grow suspicious of advancement in the field. There are crypto wallets in the digital space that are actually rewarding investors with consistent returns.

One crypto wallet that has been creating some buzz in the blockchain industry is Cloud 2.0 or Cloud Token Wallet. While this technology has received positive feedback from users, it has also been subject to rumors and negative publicity.

What are Cloud Token Wallets?

Cloud 2.0 or Cloud Token Wallet is a blockchain 4.0 backed decentralized crypto wallet that supports different digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH), etc. on a single platform.

Cloud Wallet crypto

It is a social wealth management tool using inter-blockchain technology to execute digital payments in an encrypted manner.

Assisted by AI bot Jarvis, it follows an arbitrage trading mechanism to generate riskless returns for the investors.

But, in spite of the scheme being secure and rewarding, its authenticity is being questioned by many.

Let’s see why.

Why is Cloud Token being Compared to Other Scams?

The digital audience can sometimes get influenced by fear instead of logic.

When some fraudulent crypto wallet schemes got exposed, people grew skeptical of the entire crypto wallet technology.

As crypto wallets are marketed as a scheme to reward investors (the same way some Ponzi schemes are marketed), it’s being misinterpreted as a scam by some.

Alleged Similarities of Cloud Token Wallet with Other Crypto Wallet Platforms

Some similarities that are making investors think twice about their investment decision are as follows-

  • High Payouts

The whole idea behind cloud token wallet is to generate returns for investors in the form of CTO tokens. Several schemes in the past have duped investors of their money by promising high payouts. However, the Cloud Toke scheme is not the same. It uses arbitrage trading to generate returns that may vary anywhere from 6%-12%. The process of trading is quite clearly described on its website.

  • Trading through Crypto Exchanges

Though fraudulent crypto wallet platforms claim that they generate returns by investing money in different crypto exchanges, the rewards are actually given from the proceeds collected from new investors. Once the new investment dries up, there is a bubble burst that leaves the investors in disarray.

On the contrary, Cloud Token Wallet uses the assistance of AI trading bot Jarvis to make the investment decisions. It uses the VAROOM principle to analyze past returns generated in different crypto exchanges and rewards investors via arbitrage trading.

  • Riskless Returns

Riskless rewards are often seen as a red flag by the investors.

However, the arbitrage decisions by Jarvis are made at 99.9% accuracy. The two-way transaction in different crypto exchanges rewards investors irrespective of the fluctuations of digital assets on the crypto exchanges.

As you can see, the mechanism of investment followed by the Cloud token wallet is not at all similar even though it might look the same.

Other Features of Cloud Token Wallet that Makes the Comparison Irrelevant

Some features that make Cloud Token Wallets stand out among other crypto wallets are as below-

  • Borderless transactions

Cloud 2.0 revolutionizes the way users transact!

It changes the way users manage and redeem their rewards by transacting with their favorite merchants. It allows maximizing the compensation and maintaining their lifestyle needs from a single crypto platform.

Moreover, the transactions from cloud token wallets are legible in 8 different countries, which include Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, and Cambodia.

  • Wide Usage

Cloud 2.0 makes withdrawals of CTOs a reality!

Users can convert their CTO tokens with ETH anytime.

It has also come up with a cloud token mall, which lets its users enjoy the digital experience of online consumption. One can purchase everyday items such as clothing, shoes, toys, software, books, or any home appliance directly from the cloud platform.

Moreover, Cloud Token Wallet eliminates intermediaries and saves significant processing fees in all the online transactions.

  • Cloud Travel

Cloud Travel is an affordable, secure, and convenient way to fulfill one’s travel needs.

CloudTravel allows its users to use digital assets to make hassle-free payments for a wide range of travel essentials. It can streamline the travel reservation flow and generate significant savings at the same time.

  • Cloud NFC

Cloud NFC is a smart multi-functional card that serves as a flexible payment option at all points of CTO acceptance. It does not require users to enter any manual passwords as one can instantly login by a simple scan through the smartphone. Cloud NFC has prompted users to embrace digital currency and has, in turn, widened the customer base for business.

We hope you enjoyed going through the post, and all your doubts concerning the cloud token wallet were attended to.

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