Cloud token wallet vs. Other Virtual Wallets

Cloud token wallet is a revolutionary step in the world of virtual wallets as well as crypto currency. With Blockchain 4.0 support it provides a lot of features to make your transactions and assets safe, secure and able to support several crypto assets. Moreover, this is not only one of the first wallets to support multiple crypto currencies in one place, but equally safe and secure. With various features in place to make it the best wallet to use for crypto currency, you are going to love the cloud token wallet. Let us have a look at some of the features that set it apart from the competition:

  1. Cloud Investment system: Unlike most wallets, cloud token wallet lets you grow your money into more money. This is primarily because of the nature of crypto currency and the CTO lets you invest and earn on a daily basis. Cloud token wallet’s project Jarvis has an accuracy of 99.9% and allows the interested parties to invest and earn dividends through the Cloud 2.0 Jarvis trading system. This not only lets you earn and grow your money through dividends, but also keeps it safe as a result of Blockchain 4.0 framework. It is a risk free arbitrage system with high frequency hedging to allow several users to keep their money as safe and secure as possible.
  2. Cloud Prepaid Card: The Cloud Token Wallet also has support for an international card to let you use your CTOs. You can use the Cloud Prepaid Cards to do regular daily lifestyle transactions anywhere major international cards are accepted. This puts you in control of how you want to use your assets and eliminates any processing fees and most importantly, any third party involvement. Moreover, this guarantees better safety like all other features of Cloud 2.0 and gives you something more than a wallet. The CloudSIM covers up to 11 countries in Asia, 30 European countries, USA and Canada till date. You can have this SIM for better security and lessen the travel woes by letting you enjoy fast and secure data roaming. You do not even need to change your SIM when traveling, as this covers a lot of area and gives you amazing coverage and speed too. You can just recharge it with the available options for CTOs and get the best possible plan for yourself for uninterrupted signal, speed and security.
  3. Cloud Redeem: This feature is currently only available for Southeast Asia, more specifically Grab (a ride hailing platform). You can redeem rewards for points using this feature across a variety of merchants. This feature is currently under expansion and development and would go worldwide soon. Gain points by making transactions through CTOs.
  4. Atomic Swap: Exchanging crypto currencies can be a complicated task because of the involvement of several platforms involved. Exchanging, liquidating and trading cryptocurrencies is possible because of the fast real time redemption rates. Whether it is Bitcoin, Ethereum or any of the various crypto currencies supported, you can exchange them with CTOs. This makes it possible to exchange and implement your digital crypto assets fast and secure without the involvement and movement through different platforms.
  5. Cloud Travel: If you are a frequent traveler, this feature is a blessing in disguise. Traveling across countries, cities often leaves you short of cash and into all kinds of digital currency problems. Through cloud travel, it is possible to book your travel reservations, activities and any kind of plans you want to book in advance. This not only backs it up with top notch security, but also enables you to use your crypto assets to book travel services and necessities. Moreover, it offers you competitive rates to make a wide range of services affordable and easy to use.
  6. Cloud NFC: If you have an NFC enabled device, using cloud token wallet with the NFC can help you login and pay for your daily commodities as well. Moreover, with support for CTO payments, Cloud NFC is also reliable in terms of speed and security. All you need to do is scan the merchant card with your phone’s NFC feature and you can pay and it doesn’t even require a manual password entry. Passwords would only be an inconvenience in terms of security and ease of use.
  7. Cloud Chat: This is the best feature in place to make your transactions free from fraud, unauthorized access (which is already minimized) and a variety of reasons you may need customer support. You can reach out to the Cloud 2.0 support and keep up to date with any announcements, as well as security and feature updates.

Final Words:

Cloud Token Wallet is a revolutionary step in the world of virtual wallets, replacing your cash or other digital currency with super secure crypto assets. This also guarantees amazing security, speed and reliability for users.

It is developed using the latest 4.0 blockchain platform technology, capable of performing cross-chain encryption exchange and payment from the famous encryption market AI arbitrage engine for manufacturers, e-commerce and other product.

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