Cloud 2.0 Wallet and CloudSIM: Ronald Aai Presents the SIM of the Future

Cloud 2.0 Wallet and CloudSIM: Ronald Aai Presents the SIM of the Future

What is CloudSIM?

Blockchain is currently one of the most widely-discussed conversation topics across various industries and is often referred to as a disruptive technology. Ronald Aai, the founder of Cloud 2.0 Wallet, paves the way for a technology breakthrough through the creation of an unparalleled in-app ecosystem. This thriving ecosystem comprises the exciting new feature, CloudSIM.

Built to address the limits of traditional SIM cards, CloudSIM is a blockchain-backed virtual SIM card specifically developed by Ronald Aai. The global data SIM offers several pay-as-you-go data roaming plans which enable borderless and unlimited internet access with competitive prices. Identifying the rise in the need for international traveling, CloudSIM offers an array of plans ranging from national, regional, to global. Be it for tourists, businessmen, migrant workers, or on-the-move expatriates all over the globe, CloudSIM has a plan to suit users of all kinds.

CloudSIM also assures users fast and reliable data roaming within all areas of coverage neglecting limitations that users are encountering with traditional telecommunication services.

Why CloudSIM?

Smartphone technology is evolving at an unprecedented speed. However, most devices continue to adopt outdated, carrier-specific SIM card technology. These SIM cards require various vital information of users such as the network and service provider details, which produces major drawbacks of high roaming tariffs and inconvenience in switching service providers. The advent of CloudSIM presents a revolution and is undoubtedly the future of connectivity. But how?

Certain jobs require one to make frequent international phone calls for business-dealing purposes which may tend to get expensive in the long run. Some may tend to carry a few devices around to stay connected with the clients always, especially when traveling for business. The emerging smartphone technology has introduced various convenient mobile apps such as WeChat, Skype, and WhatsApp, designed to allow users to stay connected. However, leading to the new problem of costly data roaming fees.

CloudSIM is developed because such issues were identified. It serves as an innovative and user-friendly solution that adopts the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to establish a communication network through the Internet. Recognizing the importance of phones in handling almost every aspect of our lives nowadays, CloudSIM enables users to manage multiple phone numbers on a single device to keep everything organized in one place. Users can create several number profiles and answer calls from one single device. Most importantly, they can do so without having to disclose their private number, allowing them to separate work and personal matters without the hassle of carrying multiple devices.

A few of the many reasons of how CloudSIM benefits its users are:

  • User-friendly
  • Competitive rates, country-wide coverage,
  • Saves users from the hassle of checking the service provider’s tariffs before traveling
  • Available in more than 135 countries and equipped with 4G LTE speed
  • No requirement of SIM administration activities such as top-up and tariff booking
  • Fast and reliable data roaming
  • Usage of 4 additional phone numbers in a single device

Advantages of Using CloudSIM

  • Convenience

The key advantage of CloudSIM over other roaming SIMs is its ability for users to easily switch between networks without having to change the physical SIM card. It erases the need to carry multiple devices for different phone numbers or purchase a local carrier’s SIM card each time one travels abroad.

  • Cost Savvy

With users now being able to hold numbers from various local operators of different countries by using CloudSIM, only standard local charges applied to the country will be incurred upon the user. These charges are relatively reasonable when compared to usual international data roaming fees.

  • Functionality

A multifaceted life calls for multiple phone numbers, which can be enabled through CloudSIM. Users can carry up to 4 mobile numbers in a single device. This integration allows users to balance between business and personal matters on just one phone for example, by turning off all business numbers outside working hours.

Ronald Aai and the Cloud 2.0 Wallet ecosystem is changing society’s way of life with breakthrough innovations such as the CloudSIM. Today, the advent of CloudSIM connects thousands of mobile-first communities and allows users to earn and fully utilize their profits right from their mobile devices. This SIM card of the future is just a small fraction of the Cloud 2.0 Wallet ecosystem.

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